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Child Support 101: How Much will I Pay or Receive for Child Support?

If you want to know how much you will have to pay for child support or how much you will receive in child support, the first step is looking to the New York Child Support Standards Act (CSSA). The CSSA determines how much child support must be paid and...
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Social Networking: Your Posts Can and Will be Used Against You in a Court of Law

A recent case demonstrates that your activities on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites can have a substantial impact on your divorce or family law matter. Richmond County Supreme Court Justice, Catherine DiDomenico, held that an ex-wife’s...
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"Finally, New York has Brought its Divorce Laws into the 21st Century"

In the fall of 2010, former Governor Paterson exclaimed with relief that New York has finally joined the 21st century, following the rest of America, by adopting a No-Fault Divorce law. So why was the former Governor happy about New York’s No-Fault...