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The Legal Process of Selling Your Home or Property

[Please note that local customs and practices vary location to location within New York. For the NYC and surrounding areas, including Westchester County, the following summation should be useful:] So you have listed your home for sale and you have an...
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Explaining Closing Adjustments in a Real Estate Transaction

What are those confusing numbers that take place before the closing and at the closing that lawyers and title companies refer to as “adjustments” or “closing adjustments”? They are really not as complicated as they first appear....
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Custody Case: The Forensic Mental Health Evaluator

In a contested custody case, often the Court will appoint a neutral mental health evaluator to aid the Court in determining various parenting issues and what type of custody arrangement is in the best interests of the children. This expert is usually...
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Do I need a Prenuptial Agreement?

That is a good question to ask yourself before you walk down the aisle… “Prenups” are not for everyone and they certainly are not the most romantic subject to bring up with your fiancé.  However, they can be a powerful and useful planning...