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Real Estate Closing Attorney, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Family Lawyer

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Danziger Legal PLLC is an experienced and knowledgeable law firm.  Our attorneys are there to answer all of your questions, handle any issues that arise, and represent your interests with strength and professionalism.  We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service and strong, personal, and reliable representation to our Clients by concentrating on specific areas of law.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Lawyer

Call an experienced real estate lawyer to discuss your purchase, sale, or legal matter concerning your property.  Purchasing or selling a property?  Our law firm is experienced in purchases and sales of homes in the Greater New York City area and knowledgeable about the contract and closing issues that often arise.  We are pleased to offer our services for a reasonable flat fee for straightforward real estate transactions.

Divorce and Family Law

Collaborative Divorce and Family Law

Collaborative Divorce is a process by which a married couple decides at the outset that they wish to stay out of Court and try to work out a divorce settlement cooperatively and amicably.  The process begins with all parties and attorneys signing a collaborative law participation agreement.  It is customary for everyone to agree that if either party decides to involve the Court; both parties’ attorneys will be unable to represent the parties in Court.  This type of arrangement helps to ensure that everyone makes a strong effort to come to a resolution out of court.  Staying out of court during your divorce has many benefits including saving money on litigation and trial work including: obtaining a divorce more quickly than a typical contested litigated divorce; and importantly, maintaining a cooperative and collaborative relationship with your spouse.

Uncontested Divorce

Danziger Legal PLLC will process your divorce in a quick and economical manner.  Our goal is to provide personal and professional service to you at a reasonable and fair price.  Please call us today to discuss your Uncontested Divorce.

Estate Planning/Last Will and Testament

Estate Planning – Last Will and Testament

Our law firm can assist you to draft or revise your Last Will and Testament.  Our law firm is experienced with the drafting and proper execution of Wills.  We will provide you with personal and professional representation at a reasonable and fair price.  Help ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes – Call Danziger Legal PLLC today to discuss your Will.

Estate Probate and Administration

Probate and Administration of Estates

Danziger Legal PLLC can help you probate a Will or administer an estate in Surrogate’s Court.  Our attorneys are experienced with the process and will provide you with personal and professional legal representation.  Please call us today to discuss probating a Will or processing an Estate without a Will.

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