Selling a Cooperative Apartment

Selling a Coop

Our attorneys are experienced representing Clients successfully sell their Cooperative units.  We will provide you personal and professional representation and guidance at a reasonable and fair price.  Our firm is focused on the details, which helps ensure a smooth and successful transaction.  Please call and speak to our law firm about your Coop Sale today.

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When selling a cooperative apartment, our attorneys can assist you with the following:

  • Drafting and Negotiating the Contract of Sale
  • Coordinating with the Coop to ensure all fees and paperwork are available at closing
  • Obtaining your Original Stock Certificate and Proprietary Lease for the Closing
  • Paying off any existing liens on the Coop including a mortgage payoff
  • Review and analyze Lien Search
  • Closing Adjustments
  • Attendance at the closing to ensure the sale proceeds are paid in full in accordance with the contract.

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