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Equitable Distribution

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce helps divorcing couples stay out of Court while at the same time providing both you and your spouse with independent and dedicated attorneys. At the beginning of the collaborative divorce process, both you and your spouse along with your respective attorneys will sign a collaborative participation agreement. In this agreement, everyone agrees to stay out of court and in the event that either party decides to litigate, the two attorneys will be precluded from representing the respective clients in the context of the litigation. This good faith contract helps couples to settle their divorce issues in an amicable and cooperative manner and avoid the pitfalls of divorce litigation. It is a good idea for you and your spouse to avoid court for many reasons. Firstly, legal fees really begin to mount and pile up quickly once the Court is involved in your divorce.…Read More

Stolen Proceeds Distributed During Divorce

If a spouse receives assets during a divorce action and the assets turn out to be proceeds from fraud or theft, should the spouse be entitled to keep those assets? Or should the Courts step in and give back the money to innocent victims of fraud? While these situations may seem farfetched, Courts have increasingly been faced with these questions. The infamous Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme is probably the most well known financial scandal of late. However, there are many other recent financial scandals, one of which recently intersected with New York Divorce Law. New Yorkers Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh allegedly ran a fraudulent commodities trading company, WG Trading Investors. Starting in 1996, Greenwood and Walsh used the funds as their own “piggy bank” and misappropriated over $550 million from their clients. The firm’s assets were frozen and in 2009, the SEC filed a…Read More

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