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Real Estate Reviews

Professional. Eliot answered all basic and complicated questions, politely, without condescension. Unfortunately, many real estate lawyers I’ve encountered are impatient. Eliot is respectful that most people will only buy and sell a couple of homes in their lifetimes, and he gets that we customers are paying for his guidance. He responded promptly to emails, phone calls. We didn’t use a realtor because we, the sellers, our lawyer Eliot and the buyers, were all organized, professional. It went smooth as silk from showings to closing. He spoke clearly about our deal, the process, options, and succinctly when alerting me to the next step in the process. A pleasure to work with beginning to end. You bet we’d work with him again. Eliot was terrific.”
Brenda D.

“I was in a bind, needing a real estate lawyer quickly. I contacted Danziger and they were amazing! They responded so quickly, efficiently and expedited my legal needs beyond measure. I had been dealing with another firm who was making everything so complicated. No comparison. Danziger asked a few questions to understand the situation, presented a great recommendation and then we completed the legal actions necessary. They were quick to return calls and gave me great service. Highly recommend. This firm. Five stars all the way!!! The firm is responsive, reasonable, fair and cares about completing your legal needs in a very timely manner. Highly recommend.”
Sonia S.

“Elliot was very professional and always kept the time line. He helped us so much to make the transaction smoothly. We definitely recommend Elliot based on our experience with him. He is very professional and does respond quickly even when he was on vacation. We couldn’t complete 2 transactions at the same time without his help. He is always willing to go extra mile in any way so we can assure the smooth transactions. It is my pleasure to recommend Elliot.”
Tomomi R.

“We were treated with respect and professionalism. Information was conveyed in a timely manner, and the opportunity to ask questions were ample. Answers were knowledgeable and paired with sound advice. Should the need arise for representation, we would absolutely use Danziger Legal again! Elliot is a warm, caring individual. He is a professional who understands his clients, the law, and court procedures and proceedings. You will feel well-represented and confident in Elliot’s caring demeanor and extensive knowledge!”
Susan L.

“We were treated as we were expecting – important. We were always kept up to date and informed on all matters. After closing on our property we were sure that we had chosen the right legal team. I certainly would highly recommend using Danziger Legal – and we had used Danziger Legal a year earlier and returned a year later seeking their expertise again.”
Timothy T.

“Atty Elliot Danziger is the best among the many real estate attorney I have dealt with. He is the best, very thorough and explained everything we need to know. I have been sharing with my friends about him. He is very compassionate and good listener. I will recommend him any time. Buying a house is very stressful and he helped me relieve some of my stress when I talk to him and clarifies my concerns. I can trust that him bring our attorney that you know you did the right decision in buying. That you can truly trust him that he is very thorough. You don’t have to worry regarding any legal issues regarding the process in the transaction!”
Remidios M.

“Elliot Danziger was professional, kept me updated and available to discuss questions/concerns when needed. He’s professional, knowledgeable, timely, available for discussions and provides clear communication.”
Marisabel B.

“Great decision! Elliot was great from the first day to closing. He kept us updated – always very respectful and professional. Very good we had a good experience. He always answered questions and took the time to follow up.”
Vin S.

“Very experienced and provided very thoughtful insight. Yes, treated with respect and very prompt to answer all questions.”
Roman C.

“Excellent service, great communication at all times. I would recommend the law firm, very responsive, fast and clear.”
Andres J.

“I feel the attorney treated me with respect and helped me make good legal decisions. I would not hesitate to refer this attorney to my friends or family if they needed legal representation regarding real estate transactions.”
Calvin C.

Very well, respectful and professionally. Choose him! He knows the laws and the most advantageous way to use them for our benefit.”
Moses D.

“He was highly recommended to us by our real estate agent and helped us through multiple offers through the long process of both selling our house and purchasing our new house during Covid.”
Kari P.

“Elliot responded in an extreme timely matter, he is a very knowledgeable, respectful, and trustworthy person. 10/10 we would highly recommend!”
Abigail K.

Best, efficient and smooth. Respectful, courteous and provided regular updates. I will definitely hire again for any further prospects.”
Gloria E.

Best, efficient and smooth. Respectful, courteous and provided regular updates. I will definitely hire again for any further prospects.”
Naveen B.

Nicolette E.

“Our attorney did a great job. I would definitely recommend Elliott.”
Barry D.

“Excellent treatment. Very very happy! Elliot was highly professional, accessible and the process was very smooth!”
Michele G.

Phenomenal experience and representation. I was constantly updated about everything and was treated very well. I am more than happy with my decision to use this firm.”
Benjamin L.

“I received the best possible treatment! Elliot was informative, communicative and kind. I’ve actually sent someone their way! It was my first home purchase and you made it easy and seamless.”
Tara G.

“Reliable, knowledgeable, efficient.”
Susan C.

Very good experience! I was very comfortable dealing with this attorney.”
Aleksandr G.

“Elliot when out of his way to resolve the many issues we had with this RE deal. He provided guidance and support through a very long process. I would recommend him, without hesitation.”
Joan L.

“Very kind and good.”
Roxanne R.

Excellent. Definitely recommend it.”
George N.

“Yes, all around. Mr. Danziger was organized and thorough, and nice enough about it when the deal fell through (to absolutely no fault of his own).”
Sarah L.

“Very Satisfied.”
Jiahong Y.

“Literally the best lawyer I could have asked for! Yes, to all those things. I would recommend.”
Alexander V.

“The attorney was very patient, professional and I felt comfortable working with him. It was a great experience. Will definitely recommend this attorney.”
Xiangkun Y.

“Very good to all parts of question. Calm responsive and professional.”
Mel Z.

“My attorney treated me very well. He was professional and I felt comfortable and well represented. I would definitely hire him again. I had a very positive experience being represented by Elliot Danziger. I have already recommended to him to friends.”
William W.

“I would say it was a relatively easy and hands off process. The opposing attorney was terrible and made the process a nightmare but my attorney at Danziger did the best they could give the circumstances.”
Devon T.

Excellent. It was very well represented.”
Mary B.

“Elliot was great. Everything went very well. Communication was perfect. It was a great experience. I would highly recommend.”
Kellan S.

“Mr. Danziger was professional and diligent in addressing my home purchasing legal needs. I would describe my experience as being well informed and taken care of by Mr. Danziger. I would recommend his services to family and friends.”
Elton T.

“Excellent, very responsive and always super helpful.”
Adriana Q.

“Our experience was excellent!”
Shanneell S.

“We are satisfied with the representation. We would recommend Elliot Danziger to a family member or a friend.”
Katerina M.

“Yes, the attorney was very professional. I felt confident that I was being represented by a competent professional attorney. I would recommend him to my friends and family.”
Axel T.

“It was a very good decision. I will hire them again. He is very professional, kind and don’t waste any time.”
Cecilia G.

“The Representative attorney was Mr. Danzinger. I used him 4 years ago and recently this year. He treated me in both cases with the utmost respect, kindness and great advice every step of the way. I was very comfortable with him, we both learned lesson with the selling of my home. I would recommend in a heartbeat. Very professional, gave sound advice and he really cares.”
Janice C.

“All good! I would recommend this attorney highly without reservation.”
Michael B.

Highly recommend. Treated with respect, very comfortable with choice of Elliot Danziger.”
Karen H.

“100% confident that he had our best interests in mind. Detailed, thorough, respectful, patient, kind and prompt!”
Miko and Amanda

“Absolutely. I was very pleased with the treatment and respect we received from this firm. Absolutely I will use their service again and would recommend their service to family and friends.”
Ercilio L.

Paul S.

“They treated me amazing and really made a difficult journey easy and safe and felt like my interest and desires were met. Amazing and would highly recommend.”
Ray R.

Professional and caring. Very Professional and attentive to west I needed done.”
Lorna H.

“Respectably-informed & very comfortable. I would advise that they should check-out this firm.”
Theresa J.

“I would strongly recommend Elliot to any friend and family members. Yes, Elliot is very sharp and easy to communicate, he pays attention to details and very organized.”
Michelle G.

“A very good experience.”
Miguel C.

“Very respectful and knowledgeable and on top of business. Very happy with his service and would definitely recommend him.”
Fran R.

“I would recommend to a friend or family without hesitation. In fact, I have recommended two friends to use his services. Mr. Danziger was excellent. Well-versed, understanding, reasonable and took the time to listen. I was exceptionally pleased with his firms help with my real estate contract issues. Very pleased with the outcome. So glad I reached out.”
Brad W.

“He is respectful, sincere, straight to the point, doesn’t hide anything from you, available to answer any questions in the process, reliable and affordable. Elliot was respectful and listen to my needs and helped me the best way possible. He was easy to get in contact with and always answered my emails and phone calls in a timely manner. He explained everything for me ahead of time so there were no surprises at the end. Very friendly and easy going that I felt comfortable to hire him. Everything was done with no problems and on time.”
Luisa B.

“It was a great experience. We were very pleased and will contact him again when we purchase our next home. Our Attorney, Elliot Danziger, was very thorough and professional. He was very prompt returning calls and emails and explained everything to us every step of the process.”
Maria L.

“I received an excellent service and will refer to friends and family. He is one of the best and the communication was great.”
Subhashis S.

“Yes I was treated with respect and he kept me up to date on my case, and I feel comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney. I will surely recommend to my friend and family member.”
James R..

“I was treated with respect and he kept me up to date on my case, and I made a good decision to hire this attorney. I will surely recommend him.”
Fallon C.

“I was always well informed. I would highly recommend him.”
Debra V.

“I would highly recommend this attorney. Mr. Danziger was always professional and kept me updated on the progress of my closing.”
Kathleen L.

“He was very respectful and professional attorney.”
Etleva N.

“Overall positive experience. Having Elliot as my lawyer made it much easier to go through a very stressful legal issue. Elliot is the best lawyer. He handled my legal issues well in the most efficient time and manner. He was approachable and trustworthy.”
Melanie B.

“They did a great job. Could not have been a better or more professional experience.”
Larry M.

“Elliot was always there helping me through the process of getting all the necessary paper work together and made the sale go smoothly. Would highly recommend him. Yes was very pleased with my choice of having used this firm to sell my condo in Brooklyn NY and I was out of state in Jacksonville Florida. Made the process very easy for me having just gone through a divorce.”
Digna C.

“I was treated with respect, kept up to date on my case. I felt comfortable that I made a good decision to hire this attorney. My experience being represented by this attorney was wonderful. Excellent service! ”
Alba P.

“I would have no problem recommending your firm I was very pleased with his services. Yes, my attorney was very respectful and helpful, anytime I asked him questions he responded very quickly.”
Joan St.

“Absolutely made a great choice!. Would refer him to anyone.”
Robert G.

“Terrific experience they would not be sorry using him. He was both professional and friendly! He put me at ease and answered all me questions.”
Justina M.

“It was great! I didn’t have to stress at all – Elliot handled everything from top to bottom. Always a fast response to any questions. Kept me very up to date with all parts of the case. Answered all questions in a way I could understand.”
Karina Y.

“My wife and I were well taken care of by Mr. Elliot Danziger. We were impressed with his thoroughness and attention to detail. We actually had him act as our proxy during closing on our house as we were out of the state and did not hesitate with that decision. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing a real estate attorney.”
Jeremy A.

“I was treated with respect, they always kept me up to date and I had felt comfortable with them from the beginning!. I had a great experience with this attorney! I highly recommend them!”
Viktor K.

“Always available, professional and respectful. Helped make a difficult process graceful. Couldn’t be happier with the service provided and would recommend without hesitation.”
Dean D.

“Elliott did an excellent job!. I would highly recommend him.”
Barry D.

“I would highly recommend Danziger legal for any real estate matter. Every step of the process Attorney Danziger was awesome!”
Stefan S.

“He teat us good, great experience, I would highly recommend him.”
Lino S.

“I have referred this attorney to friends and family. He is honest, authentic, and very knowledgeable. I know I can trust him. Yes, he treated me with respect, kept me up to date, and always reached out to me on a timely fashion. I felt well taken care of, and comfortable. Yes, it was a good decision to his this attorney.”
Annecy B.

“Elliot made the overall “closing” process go smoothly as he is quite knowledgeable, communicative and trustworthy! Attorney Danziger treated me really well, kept me up to date at all times while making me feel extremely comfortable throughout the legal process. I highly recommend him for any legal matter!”
Jill C.

Family/Divorce Law Reviews

“Attorney Elliot Danziger was so helpful in this tough time. He and his team were able to prepare our necessary and documents immediately. He was also able to stay on top of the “other side” as they were not responsive or timely. He applied the right amount of pressure when necessary and we made it to the final outcome with the results I had hoped for. I would definitely hire them again or recommend them for any family law issues. I would highly recommend Elliot and his firm without hesitation.”
Matt E.

“Despite being in a very stressful situation, Elliot Danziger made possible for my family and me to be able to get financial stability. Do not hesitate to hire him. You’ll get the best lawyer if you hire Mr. Elliot. Elliot Danziger is the embodiment of a great lawyer with the rare quality-at least rare in lawyers- of being compassionate. If I ever need a lawyer again, I’ll hire Mr. Danziger instantly.”
Dora T.

“I feel 100% satisfy with Danziger Legal, I was treated with respect me always kept me up to date on my case, I’m sure I took the right and best decision to hire Danziger Legal firm. Thank you for your service, you are excellent attorney staff. Excellent! The best Attorney group in town, thank you so much for professional service.”
Eny S.

“Elliot Danziger has been representing me for many years in a very long and strenuous case. He has been by my side and has helped me continually get the support my family needs from the courts in my situation. He listens to my concerns and gives me the right advice when I have difficult decisions to make. I can’t stress enough how glad I am that he has been my attorney for all these years.”
Deirdre R.

“Mr. Danziger goes above and beyond for his client. He is prompt, courteous and professional. I highly recommend Mr. Danzinger and Danziger Legal. Very knowledgeable, professional, prompt and courteous. Mr. Danziger kept you up to date and made you feel you had someone who really cared and made you feel how much he cares for his clients.”
Maura L.

“Elliot was a consummate professional. I never felt out of the loop with my case, and he was patient and diligent with a difficult family matter. I already recommend this firm to other family members. Danziger Legal was professional, reasonable, and fair, and I always felt secure in my representation. I recommend them highly and without hesitation.”
Ian M.

“I had an excellent overall experience from start to finish. I felt my needs were listened to and met and I got the result I was hoping for. I was treated with respect and courtesy. Elliot made me feel comfortable with a very personal matter and treated my case in a professional and expedient manner.”
Robert Z.

“Elliot is a great, understanding, informative and super knowledgeable attorney. I can’t imagine having a smoother experience during such a difficult for my family. All of the above exceeded all of my expectations. Elliot was always informed, on time, attentive, just excellent.”
Ginneh W.

“Efficient and affordable. I really enjoyed the experience – thank you very much.”
Cecile D.

Strong principles and values. Very much and his mom also treated me like a close friend. I would recommend without reservation.”
Suzanne D.

Excellent. Very Favorable.”
Joseph A.

Excellent. Very Secure, excellent & if you do not hire Elliot Danziger you are making a huge mistake.”
Anna C.

Adriana F.

“Very professional, very honest and very prompt. I highly recommend him.”
Michael H.

Great experience. Dealt with computer form and was easy to use.”
Vicki C.

“I was treated with respect. Kept up to date. Very communicative. Brought to my attention issues. Well written points. Helpful and professional.”
Amy H.

“I found him a professional. I made a good decision to hire this attorney. I will surely recommend him.”
Katherine G.

“Yes, Mr. Elliot Danziger was and still is instrumental in our divorce and post-divorce negotiations. Both my ex-husband and I were treated with respect and patience even though there were a lot of emotions involved. I would highly recommend Mr. Denziger as a divorce mediation attorney.”
Yelena L.

“Was treated with respect. Would highly recommend. Yes. Would hire again.”
Robert & Gail S.

“He had good decision making qualities and follow-up. Yes I did. He got the job done.”
Robert S.

Excellent. Elliot was amazing very well organized and paid attention to detail I would recommend him to anyone. ”
Kate A.

“I very comfortable, I trust him with his decision and he is very on point and very informative. With the highest respect you can ask for, very informative. I am very happy to have Mr. Danziger on my side it the best decision myself and my husband could have made to hire this attorney. ”
Mahadi S.

“Thankful for Elliots quickness to take me on as a client and make things easier in a tough time.”
Kristy B.

“Thank you! You have been a great help to us during this entire process. I will be eternally grateful for all of your help.”

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