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Obtaining a pre-listing inspection can be helpful in understanding the details of your property’s condition before it goes on the market. This is especially useful for the layperson who is not handy or mechanically inclined. An inspection may reveal hidden flaws that add up to big dollars – outdated electrical, roofing, foundation issues, etc. Armed with the knowledge and details outlined in an inspection report will enable you to be proactive and prepared. Once you identify potential issues or required repairs, you can obtain quotes for any repairs that you believe will be required by a Purchaser. Another option is to be prepared to offer the Purchaser a credit if they raise objections regarding the condition of the property. A pre-listing inspection is a valuable tool for you to gain knowledge and plan in advance rather than be blindsided by a Buyer’s inspection report.

Ultimately, a pre-listing property inspection is not obligatory, and it is an additional Seller expense. The decision is up to you. However, if you have the time and money and really want to maximize the sales price of the property, a property inspection can be a useful tool as the inspection report should help make sure you are prepared for any inspection-related issues. You can decide whether to get any necessary repairs done pre-listing or just to have the information, so you are better armed for negotiations.

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Toll Free: (800) 619-3570
New York City: (212) 786-7950
Westchester County: (914) 719-6970

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