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Prenuptial Agreement AttorneyOur Attorneys will draft or review your Prenupital Agreement quickly and comprehensively. We are experienced with the details of pre-nups and can answer your questions and advise on the various elements of the Agreement. Our law firm offers personal and professional legal services to our valued clients.

Prenuptial Agreements are certainly not romantic and not the easiest subject to bring up to your spouse to be. It is difficult for someone getting married to raise the topic of a “prenup” as many people fear how their fiance will respond. However, the reality is that marriage is an economic partnership. And prenuptial agreements can be critical in protecting assets and finances when you get married. Prenuptial Agreements give you the opportunity to protect property that you have when you get married such as a business, a piece of real estate, as well as other assets. In addition, many pre-nups give you the opportunity to protect any appreciation of those assets regardless whether the appreciation is due to market forces or due to your efforts.

Prenups also often define the terms of spousal support, commonly known as alimony, and referred to as maintenance in New York State. If you do not set down terms of alimony in an agreement, then you will have to contend with the sometimes burdensome maintenance laws. For more information on the current maintenance laws in NY State, please see: https://danzigerlegal.com/2016/02/21/new-maintenance-laws-now-effective-in-new-york-state/.

There are also other terms that can be included within a prenuptial agreement such as terms dealing with current debts or anticipated assets (like an inheritance) or anticipated debts (such as student loans).

If you need a prenuptial agreement drafted or you need an attorney to review a prenuptial agreement and discuss the terms with you along with how they compare to the way that Courts customarily handle certain aspects in divorce, you should consult with an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in matrimonial matters.

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