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Danziger Legal PLLC can help you probate a Will in Surrogate’s Court. Our attorneys are experienced with the process and will provide you with personal and professional legal representation.

Your parent or loved one has passed away. Now, you need to deal with the big undertaking of handling the Estate. Some assets pass by operation of law outside of the person’s estate. Examples are life insurance proceeds; retirement and investment accounts with named beneficiaries, and real estate where the co-owner has rights of survivorship. However, any assets without beneficiary designations or survivorship rights will be distributed through the deceased’s Will.

In order to distribute these assets, you will need to fill out a Probate Petition and file with Surrogate’s Court. The original Last Will and Testament must be filed with the Surrogate’s Court when possible. Usually, the Court will require the original Will but there are certain circumstances where a copy may be accepted and probated. Our attorneys are experienced with the court requirements and the specific documents that need to be drafted, checked, and signed. We can help you navigate the probate process in Surrogate’s Court.

You may have been named an Executor in a loved one’s Last Will. If you are the Executor, you may want to consult with an attorney that can assist you with your duties, let you know what commissions you are entitled to, and draft, proof, and edit the required probate petition and notices so you can distribute the Estate.

Danziger Legal PLLC can assist you with the Probate process and to successfully navigate the Surrogate’s Court procedures.

Elliot Danziger, Esq.

Toll Free: (800) 619-3570
New York City: (212) 786-7950
Westchester County: (914) 719-6970

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