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Real Estate Attorney for Buying a House

Buying A Home — Possibly The Biggest Investment Of Your Life

Life is filled with exciting moments, combined with some tragic ones, and of course plenty of mundane ones as well. As they say, ‘that’s life.’ The purchase of a home, for many, will be the biggest investment of their lives, and regardless of how much money one has in their financial portfolio, any real estate investment requires careful planning, caution, and extreme attention to every detail of the transaction. Buying a home is one of those exciting moments in life, indeed, but it can easily transition into one of life’s tragic ones if you purchase a home that has problems which you didn’t adequately investigate before you signed the contract. You don’t want what should have been one of your greatest achievements to become one of your greatest failures, so exercise caution, walk carefully, and get the professional help you feel you need to ensure you are making all the right moves.

Spending Your Savings Wisely | A Real Estate Attorney In New York, NY Can Help Guide You

For most of us, it takes a lot of earnings placed into savings before we can even consider a home purchase. In today’s economy, it might be even more difficult to put away extra dollars into savings as the world’s economy is in an uncertain state now due to a global pandemic. Some people have seen their work hours decreased; some have been furloughed temporarily, and some have seen their companies close permanently—leaving them scrambling for financial lifelines. In dire situations, savings accounts can be hit pretty hard. After all, if you have to feed your family and make that car payment, you may have to dip into your savings when hours are cut back or you find yourself on a temporary leave. And when savings are thin, it’s hard to make that down payment on a new home purchase. Banks are lending, but you’re still going to need a down payment for any home you choose to purchase, regardless of size or asking price.

But in spite of the global pandemic, and in spite of the fact that some Americans have lost jobs or had hours cut, the real estate market is booming in some areas of the country. If you have the capital on hand, it might be a good time to purchase that starter home or a bigger home for your growing family. And everyone, from the young couple recently married purchasing their first home together to the middle-aged couple looking to go bigger or maybe grab that second home at the beach, can benefit from working with a real estate attorney in New York, NY.

When you find something you want to buy, you may get excited and want to make it happen right away, but speeding through the process, without guidance, without proper due diligence, that’s often when purchasers miss important steps or fail to see obvious red flags. When you work with an experienced real estate attorney in New York, NY, you’ll be able to lean on their experience and go into your transaction with confidence, at a pace that makes sense so there will be no errors, just sound decisions on carefully considered purchases.

Our attorneys are experienced representing Clients that are buying a house. We will provide you personal and professional representation and guidance at a reasonable and fair price. Please call and speak to our law firm about the purchase of your home.

If you are buying a house, you will need a real estate attorney to assist you with many issues including the following:

  • What inspections you should obtain before signing a Contract of Sale
  • What terms to include in your Contract of Sale
  • Explaining the terms of the Contract of Sale and negotiating terms that will protect your interests
  • Ordering Title Insurance and analyzing the Title Report when it is issued
  • Assisting with issues while you are obtaining a mortgage
  • What steps to take before the Closing
  • Calculating accurate Closing adjustments and credits for real estate taxes and other credits
  • Personal representation at the real estate Closing

If you are buying a house, our law firm can also assist you with obtaining a land survey, making sure that the house has certificates of occupancies for all structures and improvements from NYC or the local municipality, explaining any encroachments or easements on the property, dealing with oil and propane tanks, if any, and assisting the potential homeowner with any other aspects that arise in the purchase of your new home.

Real Estate Transactions: It’s All In The Details

Real estate in New York City and the Westchester County area is some of the most sought-after, most valuable real estate in the world. Therefore, even more than usual, you’ll want to make no mistakes in your purchase, nor miss anything critical during your due diligence process. Having a trusted real estate attorney in New York, NY on your team will allow you to have an extra set of eyes on every element of your transaction, experienced eyes, a seasoned real estate attorney that understands every nuance of real estate transactions large and small, and the sometimes quite complex laws that govern them. There are nearly countless ways a seasoned real estate attorney in New York, NY can help you every step of the way during this most important time of your life.

Real estate attorneys understand inspections and know what to look for. Inspections are critical because when a home is sold ‘as-is’ you need to keep a watchful eye. Of course, it is the responsibility of the seller’s agent or the seller her/himself to point out any hidden problems, problems that are not obvious perhaps, but if it is an obvious problem that can clearly be seen, you’ll need to make sure your inspection is comprehensive to catch red flags or potentially costly problems, potential future repairs, etc. That’s just one of the many areas within the real estate purchase process in which an experienced real estate attorney in New York, NY can help you. See a list below of some of the top areas real estate attorneys assist with, and call us with questions. We’re here to help.

How Can I Prepare Beforehand To Buy Or Sell A Property In New York?

When selling a home, you want to get your house in good condition for the closing. The standard Contract used in the greater NYC area requires the Seller to provide the house in vacant and broom-clean condition and that “All plumbing (including water supply and septic systems, if any), heating and air conditioning, if any, electrical and mechanical systems, equipment and machinery in the building(s) located on the property and all appliances which are included in this sale being in working order as of the date of Closing… Read More

Your real estate purchase may seem confusing and can even seem overwhelming! The process does have many moving parts and stages. However, our experienced attorneys will explain everything and go over your options to make the process as simple and smooth as possible. Please call a real estate attorney today. Danziger Legal PLLC is happy to offer a flat fee and reasonable pricing for our legal services.

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