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Real Estate LawyerWhen dealing with a real estate issue, you should contact an experienced real estate lawyer to discuss your purchase, sale, or legal matter.

Purchasing or selling a property? Danziger Legal PLLC is experienced in purchases and sales of homes in the Greater New York City area and Westchester County. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the contract and closing issues that sometimes arise in a purchase and sale. We are pleased to offer our services for a reasonable flat fee for straightforward real estate transactions.

Real Estate Closing Attorney

The real estate closing or “closing of title” is the meeting where the real estate sale is finalized. Usually, the seller and her attorney, the buyer and his attorney, the bank attorney (or attorney for the lender), and the title company attend this meeting. At a typical Closing, the Deed of Sale is signed by the Sellers, which transfers ownership interest over to the buyer. In New York, it is customary for the Seller to provide a Bargain and Sale Deed but this varies depending on the details of the transaction. If the buyer is borrowing money to purchase the property, she signs loan documents including the important Mortgage and Note. In return the lender provides the loan proceeds for the transaction.

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What Are Some Issues That May Affect Real Estate Title In New York?

There is a wide range of different issues you can run into, once a title report is issued. Oftentimes, there is an old mortgage that is still open as of record, even though the Seller has already paid off the loan. In this case, the lender never filed a satisfaction of mortgage with a county clerk. These types of issues may delay a closing. In addition, as part of the title search, the title companies in New York do municipal searches…Read More

What Happens After A Contract Is Signed In A Real Estate Transaction?

Once a contract is signed and the down payment is furnished as part of that contract, the seller’s attorney holds the down payment in escrow. The next stage for the seller is to begin getting the property ready for the closing. That includes getting the property vacant and cleaned, making sure that all appliances are in working order, and making sure that the roof does not have any leaks…Read More

Can You Provide An Overview Of A Real Estate Transaction In New York?

The stages of a real estate transaction in New York the negotiation and signing of the contract of sale, the Purchaser obtaining financing, the Purchaser ordering a title report and the Seller clearing any title defects that need to be addressed, scheduling the closing, finalizing the closing adjustments, and attending the closing to consummate the deal…Read More

What Are The Main Differences Between Buying Into A Co-Op And Buying A Condominium?

From a legal perspective, a co-op unit is technically not real estate. With a co-op, a purchaser buys shares of stock in a corporation and the corporation provides the purchaser with a share certificate and a proprietary lease, which gives the purchaser exclusive possession of the unit during the ownership period. The purchase of a condominium is very different…Read More

What Are The Down Payment Requirements For Buying A Condominium?

The down payment requirements are the same for a condominium as for any other piece of property. You can negotiate the amount of the down payment with the seller before the contract is signed and often, the real estate agents can assist you with this negotiation. Most of the time, the customary down payment in the New York City and Westchester…Read More

What Happens At The Closing Of My Condominium Purchase In New York?

At the closing for a condo purchase, the purchaser will need to bring certified funds and the seller will sign a deed over to the purchaser, conveying the condo unit to the purchaser. Most purchases have a lender, so there will likely be a bank attorney present as well or a representative from the lender. You will also have a title company present, who will…Read More

Who Actually Prepares The Paperwork When I Am Selling My Condominium?

Customarily, the seller’s attorney prepares the contract of sale and sends it to the purchaser’s attorney for review and feedback. It usually takes about two to three business days before the terms are negotiated by the attorneys, finalized, and the contract is ready to be signed by the purchaser. As the purchaser, you should bring the contract deposit or down…Read More

When Is A Mortgage Payment Considered Past Due In New York?

The point at which a mortgage payment is considered past due varies from lender to lender and it also varies depending on the terms of the mortgage. Most standard mortgages do allow a lender to bring a foreclosure proceeding when the borrower has not adhered to the terms of the mortgage and the lender has provided notice to the purchasers…Read More

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