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What Do Real Estate Lawyers Do?

Buying or selling property can be complex, with many steps involved and details to keep track of. If you’re considering buying or selling property, you may wonder whether you need to work with a New York real estate lawyer.

Here, we’ll discuss what real estate lawyers do.

Real Estate Lawyers: Their Role and Responsibilities

Real estate lawyers handle the legal aspects of property transactions. They help people avoid legal issues by making sure they understand the contracts they sign and know their rights.

They also help buyers and sellers get through the closing process smoothly—from handling paperwork to negotiating terms and conditions with other parties involved, such as banks.

Your real estate lawyer’s exact duties will depend on your individual needs. For example, if you are buying, your lawyer will review the documents to ensure they don’t contain any clauses that could put your interests at risk. If you’re selling a property, they will work with buyers’ agents to negotiate the terms of the sale.

Some Documents a Real Estate Lawyer Handles

  • Purchase contract: This is an agreement between the purchaser and the seller that specifies terms such as price, closing date, and property details. It also outlines what happens if either party fails to fulfill its responsibilities.
  • Title report: A title report discloses if there are any issues with property ownership or liens against it. It may also include details about previous owners and any legal claims on their assets.
  • Deed: This is a legal document that officially transfers property ownership from the seller to the buyer. It’s usually recorded by a county clerk and becomes part of the public record.
  • HUD-1 form: A HUD-1 form is a document prepared by a lender that lists all closing costs associated with purchasing a home. It includes an itemized list of these expenses, which typically include origination fees, title insurance premiums, and attorney fees. The HUD-1 form also shows how much money will be received at closing.
  • Closing statement: This is an itemized list showing all fees paid at closing and how they were allocated between the buyer, seller, lender, and other parties involved in the transaction. It’s often required by the lender, but it’s also wise to get a copy for yourself.

Choosing a New York Real Estate Lawyer

When it comes to real estate law, many different types of legal issues can arise. You should choose a New York real estate lawyer who is experienced in handling your specific type of case and will be able to provide you with the quality representation you need.

At Danziger Legal PLLC, our real estate lawyers have the understanding and expertise necessary to manage complicated transactions and will walk you through any issues that may occur during the purchase or sale of the property.

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